About Africa Food Security


Welcome again. Thanks for coming back. You should know that AFS is the right place to be as we speak. Where else would you rather be at a period in the history of our world when FOOD and SECURITY subjects dominate every other aspect of human existence.

…think about it this way…

Food is produced on farmlands, maybe not in government “white houses” in Africa. But then there are these other issues, religion, culture, corruption and bad government often fueled by avarice and power intoxicants. Add social instability to the list. Or say it as it now is: terrorism in Africa. Farmers are not able to carry out their daily activities of planting the food which the population needs. Consequently, grocery stores are not stocked with produce in which case, prizes of the limited available food items witness unannounced but predictable spike.

At best, the above only describes some connecting dots between the food and security phenomena.